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The holding company of the German group of companies Aktiva Holding AG is headquartered in Füssen, Germany and according to its operational procedures participates in the share capital of other companies in Germany and other European countries, oversees the operation of the entire Group and provides guidance to the companies of the group. The total assets of the entire group exceeds the amount of 101 million euros.


Group of Companies Aktiva AG is active in the following areas

  • Design, installation, supervision and maintenance of photovoltaic systems Σχεδιασμό, εγκατάσταση, in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Greece.
  • Private equity investments in photovoltaic systems, which then the Group keeps in its portfolio or transfers them to potential investors.
  • Integrated property management (real estate).The Group's real estate portfolio includes the interests of shareholders to over 300 buildings (houses, malls, offices etc), in Germany.
  • Private equity investments in advertising companies. Lemonstyle GmbH is the flagship of the Group in advertising and communication.
  • Equity investments in companies which organize cultural and sports events. Sports-first GmbH has a great expertise in the organization of football events and is the flagship of the Group in this sector.
  • Equity investments in the production and processing of agricultural products in Romania. The group owns approximately 4.500 acres with corn and sugar beet in this country.

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