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The Special Program for the Development of PV systems on buildings (Joint Ministerial Decision 1079/B/04.06.2009) enables individuals, very small companies with up to 10 employees, public bodies and non-profit organizations of private law to install PV systems of up to 10 KWp on roofs, flat roofs, warehouses and garages of legally existing buildings.


The program covers the whole country. According to this

  • the maximum power of PV systems in the Mainland, the grid-connected islands and the island of Crete is 10 kWp,
  • the maximum power of PV systems in the non grid-connected islands is 5 kWp and
  • there is no need of any license to install PV systems of up to 10 KWp, except for listed buildings and traditional settlements where required the approval of the Planning Commission and Architectural Control.

Individuals and very small companies must fulfill the following conditions to participate in the program

  • the building is their own property,
  • have their own electric meter,
  • cover some of their needs in hot water from renewable energy sources such as solar heating, biomass, geothermal heat pump, and
  • very small companies have not received any grant for the installation of PV system from national or community programs.

Nova Solar Invest is able to assume

  • the preparation and submission of the application file to the Public Electricity Company,
  • the design and installation of the PV system according to the customer requirements and,
  • the monitoring and maintenance of PV system.

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