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Nova Solar Invest Ltd founded in 2009 and is a subsidiary of the German Group of Aktiva.which is active for 12 and more years in the field of electricity production from renewable energy and especially from photovoltaic systems in several European countries such as Germany, France, Spain, Italy etc.

Nova solar Invest is active in the following sectors

  • Design, installation, supervision and maintenance of photovoltaic systems.
  • Provision of advisory services in the field of Renewable Energy.
  • Equity investment in photovoltaic systems and management of the investment portfolio.

The business action of Nova Solar Invest is based on the following fundamental values

  • Systematic assessment of every new opportunity available with the intention to maximize
    • - environmental protection,
    • - return of investment for its shareholders, and
    • - satisfaction of expectations for its employees and partners.
  • Create a work environment that ensures the conditions for continuing sustainable growth, while providing equal opportunities for all.
  • High level of expertise, experienced scientific staff and excellent organization of the company that guarantee the provision of services with absolute emphasis on high quality, reliability, consistency in constant evolution and customer satisfaction. The company uses its know-how to transform the power of the sun into economic benefit for its customers.

Nova Solar Invest offers the following services

  • Design and installation of PV systems "Turn-key Solutions"
  • Advantages of Nova Solar Invest:
    the premium engineering design methodology and project management experience born out of a long-term experience in photovoltaic systems in many countries of Europe, as a member of the German group of companies Aktiva AG,
    2) the experienced staff,
    3) the strategic partnerships with the largest and most accredited manufacturers of photovoltaic products and
    4) the partnerships with experienced installers.

    Main Objective of Nova Solar Invest:
    Design and installation of photovoltaic systems, having in mind your interest and their maximum efficiency, complying to the rules of art and technology and always following carefully international standards.

  • Operation and Management of photovoltaic systems
  • During the operation phase of your photovoltaic system, Nova Solar Invest can ensure its optimum performance by offering you a range of maintenance contracts – of multiple levels, according to your requirements. Also uses its expertise to maximize the capital investment of its customers.

  • Ensures the finance of the installation cost of your photovoltaic systems

Nova Solar Invest ensures the finance of photovoltaic projects through:
1) its private equity,
2) partnerships with major financial institutions and
3) private equity investments (third party financing).

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